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Dear Parents,


Whether it's your first time sending off your child to college, or you've been there many times, we understand the uncertainty, the doubts, and frustration that distance can bring on.


Wondering if your child is safe, well fed, happy; whether they've found their place - a million questions.


That is why at Chabad we want to ease your worries as much possible and provide for every Jewish student a home to call their own, where they are wanted, safe, accepted and welcome.


And to you we want to give the peace of mind about your student's wellbeing.


We invite you to call or email us anytime, about anything we might be of assistance with.


Our doors are always open, and every Jew is family.


Coming to town for a visit? Let us know, and we'd be delighted to meet you, show you around the Chabad or join us for Shabbat!


Welcome to the family!

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