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frequently asked questions

You may be wondering what Chabad is like and how to get involved. Here are some of the most popular questions we get.


Q: Does it cost to participate in Chabad activities?


A: All Chabad activities and services are 100% free for Elon Students unless otherwise stated. No student is ever turned away for inability to pay.


Q: I am reform/ conservative/ unaffiliated - can I join Chabad programs?


A: At Chabad, we live by our motto - "Where every Jew is Family". We do not distinguish between denominations or lack thereof. Every Jewish student is welcome with open arms and we do not ask your affiliation. Scrolling through our picture gallery you'll notice that students who attend Chabad are from all different backgrounds so you'll fit right in!


Q: I am not fluent in Hebrew - are there classes/services in English?


A: Yes! All of our services and classes are offered in Hebrew, English and even transliterated Hebrew, so don't worry about the language barrier!



Q: I would like to come for a Shabbat dinner, how do I RSVP?


A: No need! Shabbat dinner is always on, every week of the semesters and always at 7 pm (unless otherwise stated), so you can just show up whenever you'd like - just like family!



Still got questions? Write to us here, or ask us in real time in the chat box on the bottom right-hand side of your screen.



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