Welcome Freshmen!

You've finally made it; college life! This is a very exciting  time. The next 4/5 years will greatly impact who you will be as a person for the rest of your life. In so many ways your university years influence your personality, from the classes you take to the friends you make, from the nightlife to your Jewish experience.

"Jewish experience?" you ask, "That wasn't on my to-do list!"

Well then, welcome to Chabad. You're soon to find out that doing Jewish in college is the next big thing on the block. For starters, being part of the coolest community gives you a warm "home away from home" and a sense of belonging. If done right, it will enlighten you and answer some of the most pressing questions you'll have during this new phase in your life.




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 Remember! you don't have to know much to join Chabad, you're a Jew and that's what counts :)! 


Hey psssst! We are here for you! It's your Home away from Home!

Feel free to give a call/text/facebook at any hour of the day or night!

Rabbi Mendy and Rivka Minkowitz